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I thoroughly enjoyed your "Fee Setting" Webinar, even as a Triangle International Master's Academy Graduate, I make certain to follow up with my continuing education. There is always something new and innovative in the industry and keeping in the loop with you is paramount to new idea's and creating a competitive edge. What I already knew, I looked at with fresh eyes and it motivated me to reinforce a current plan of action. I especially love that these events are offered at such a value based price so doing them is without question part of my business plan.  I look forward to honing my craft with all the education I can find and with your Webinars it makes my search rewarding and complete. Thank you ~

Jody Yetti, Jody's Travel & Concierge

If I had a license plate, my first choice would be of course my own business name, but second to that I would have a bumper sticker that says I "Heart" ICLMA! I've been a member for a few years, and I have earned my CCS (Certified Concierge Specialist) through the association...and I love how that gives me credibility. People have googled CCS just so they can fully understand what that is. I've even gotten emails asking me what is a "Certified Concierge Specialist" and how did you get... that? I also love the networking. ICLMA brings me into a circle of kindred minds; all in the same industry as I, with their own unique niches. I got to attend my first conference Oct 2011 and it was great sharing with others from all over the country and Canada. The things I've learned have taken me to another level. After I got back I changed my structure to LLC and am looking forward to continued growth in the industry! ICLMA is about relationship building.

Earlena "Cookie" Morris, Time Avenue,

I love being a part of the International Concierge & Lifestyle Management Association (ICLMA).  As a concierge I never know what the next call will bring but knowing that I have other professional concierges to call upon when I need to provide service to my clients is magical.  I am working with a DJ to put on a large event in South Florida.  Not only is this my first event but it is scheduled to be a big one.  I have the confidence to take on the project because I have called upon an ICLMA member to assist me.  I was in her hometown so I made an appointment to sat down and talk over the event.  In the brief time we talked, I couldn't believe the level of information that I received.  An ICLMA professional open and willing to help.  This is what I love best about this organization.  I plan to bring her onto the event planning team so that I can continue to receive her support - a winning business proposition for the both of us.  Thank you ICLMA.

Joyce Bryant, Bryant Concierge Inc.,

Membership in ICLMA is a must if you want to grow your business and take it to the next level.  By interacting with other members, You will learn what has made them successful and provide a few shortcuts along the way. It also gives you instant credibility when talking with clients and the media that you are part of a Professional Industry organization. I encourage you to utilize all the resources membership in ICLMA provides.

Ann Marie Miskewicz, Crystal Concierge, LLC,


I joined ICLMA when I started Dickory Dock and it’s been a great source of information, inspiration and encouragement, besides offering great friendship! I felt I should send this testimonial because sometimes something happens that makes me appreciate again what a great resource this organisation is to me and could be to our members. Last Friday I participated in the forum chaired by Katharine with guest speaker Harmony Ponder. This was one of the best events we’ve ever had! I want to thank Katharine for inviting Harmony to give us such a great insight into SEO, E-commerce and Social Media Marketing. The technology we have set up is great – members can type in their questions and they get answered (there and then!) and the seminar was punctual and clear! I urge all members to join the ICLMA Forums (the next one is on March 9) as they teach us a lot, makes us share good practices and bring us closer. I also urge all those who have not done so yet to join our Facebook and Linked In pages. The more we are, the stronger we make ICLMA and the better our industry becomes.

Mariella MacLeod, Dickory Dock Lifestyle Management & Concierge Services,

I love how giving and open everyone in ICLMA is and I am proud to be associated with it.

Maryanne Martin, Personal Assistant Townsville - Your Personal Concierge, Townsville, Australia


Becoming an ICLMA member has been without question the best decision I could have made. Since joining I've gained a wealth of knowledge, have met a network of like minded entrepreneurs and feel confident about my company's image because of our association with the ICLMA. If you are going into the concierge service industry, don't think twice about joining just sign up.

Roxanne Andrijanov, Romax Solutions Concierge Services Ltd.,


When researching the concierge industry, I went searching for the best advice available.  It started with Katharine's Concierge Manual and all the positive points in that book was enough to energize me to get into this business.  And so I did. To leave a good feeling with my clients meant getting involved in professional organizations related to business and the concierge industry, so it was natural to become a member of ICLMA.  I joined ICLMA well before forming my company because it was reputable with a global presence, and it provided me access to resources and information I couldn't find elsewhere.  Best business decision I've made!

Susan Ho, Good Neighbor Concierge,


The ICLMA is a great resource for those starting a concierge service and a support system as you grow your business.   I have connected with some wonderful concierges that have become good friends and I can say first hand that when I needed advice along the way of building my business the ICLMA was there for me. 

Jane Heacock, Errands & Personal Assistance,

I joined ICLMA last summer a few months after starting my new concierge business.  This membership has more than paid for itself in the little time that I have been a member.  I just cannot imagine where my business would be (or NOT be) if I had not found ICLMA online.  I have learned so much invaluable information from all the other members, whether in the forums/pages or at the annual conference.  The combined years of experience are amazing.  For “newbie’s” like myself, you can receive tips on every aspect of starting and running a business, from “how-to’s” to what NOT to do. This helps you avoid costly mistakes to your bottom line and reputation.  The connections are beneficial to my business and I value the friendships I have made. 

There are educational programs via webinars, live workshops and phone conferences.  You can be mentored by experienced consultants or other concierge owners.  Business owners network and share ideas and ask for feedback/input and give referrals.  The support and encouragement alone have helped sustain me the last few months.   The benefit of having this large international professional organization behind you is that it gives your business and the concierge industry great credibility.

  • Expertise
  • Connections
  • Value
  • Friendship
  • Mentors
  • Referrals
  • Encouragement
  • Tips
  • Education
  • Networking
  • Advocacy
  • Credibility

Arlene Brunn, West Houston Errand Service,

I highly recommend anyone is this field to join ICLMA. I love that fact, that I can proudly show their logo on my website, confirming I provide legal, moral and ethical services. Credibility is key! Additionally, the blog, Facebook and LinkedIn Groups and Newsletters are very informative and helpful. I love being able to communicate, support and learn from other colleagues in the business! The yearly membership is worth every penny and some!

Teresa Buttorff, Signature Touch Concierge & Lifestyle Management,


I was a member of ICLMA for several years before actively participating in all ICLMA has to offer and boy, was that a mistake!  There is so much great info provided by ICLMA and the members…. they have such a vast knowledge base that I am constantly surprised and amazed at their creativity and the ways they promote their Concierge services.  I get such great ideas for my own company.  Thank you ICLMA!  I’m proud to be a part of this organization. 

Leslie Spoor, C.C.S., Executive Errands,


I urge anyone starting this type of business to join the ICLMA for credibility and to learn from the valuable information provided through the Association.

Anne (Vicky) Marr, CheckList, LLC ,

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