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Corporate Burnouts

11 Sep 2012 2:07 PM | Katharine C. Giovanni, CCS (Administrator)

I noticed a new trend recently that I thought might interest you.

A huge number of my clients (from Triangle Concierge) are corporate burnouts all looking to leave that world and start their own company.

Incredible!  Makes you wonder about the state of the corporate world right?  Seems that they're burning out fast. Due to downsizing, many people are being forced to do the job of three people and the stress is killing them. One of my clients even told me that she spent a good part of the time crying in the bathroom at her last job.


So how can we help? By offering the corporate world concierge services of course!  In fact, I think you should add this to the list of services on your website and in your brochures. 

You can help alleviate some of that horrible stress that they're feelings so they don't burn out!!!

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