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The CCS certification program has been designed to recognize those individuals who understand professionalism is more than joining an association.  In order to attain and retain the CCS designation, one must meet the specific criteria set forth in the certification document.

ICLMA is committed to the concept that professionalism is a continuing process that sets the professional and ethical standards for our industry.  As evidenced by the requirements, we greatly value continuing education and community involvement and encourage association participation that will continue to build our worldwide member base.  Attaining the designation as a Certified Concierge Specialist will indicate a member has agreed to further her/his professionalism in both the business arena and the collegial atmosphere of the

concierge and lifestyle management industry.

Certification will set you apart from your competition.

In the rapidly growing and changing independent concierge industry, certification is especially important. When competing for the best opportunities, you nee

d to stand out from the crowd and adding the initials CCS to your name will do exactly that. 

Career advancement


Surveys around the world consistently suggest that certified individuals experience an increase in salary and career advancement.  


Increased Credibility


ICLMA's respected certification program proves to prospective clients that your business expertise is confirmed by a recognized organization in the industry.

Certified Concierge Specialist may use the designation in their business to indicate a level of professionalism conferred upon them be the ICLMA governing body. 

We encourage all members, from your first day as an ICLMA member, to aspire to become a Certified Concierge Specialist.  Our association and indeed, our profession as a whole, must have a strong voice in making certain our profession upholds the highest ethical standards and behaviors. 

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To see a list of Certified Concierge Specialists, please click here

To download the application, please log into your members-only account and then visit the certification page in the members-only area by clicking here

The Certified Concierge Specialist (CCS) must meet the following criteria:


Be an ICLMA member in good standing and keep yearly dues current (within 30 days of renewal).

Provide ICLMA proof of business licensure, where required, showing a period of no less than three years business operation (i.e. may be proof of insurance or proof of certification of incorporation).

Sign the ICLMA Code of Ethics statement.

Complete twenty hours per year of ICLMA approved continuing education, including...
  • ICLMA webinars.
  • Proof of attendance as a member or presenter at a professional conference, business seminar or other professional educational opportunity
  • On-line and live Concierge courses
  • Presenting at an ICLMA professional conference, attending an ICLMA professional conference or serving as an ICLMA Board member may be credited toward continuing education.
  • Continuing education can also include business webinars, seminars, luncheons, networking events, conferences and other business meetings in complimentary industries and associations or local chamber of commerce meetings/events. The continuing educational event can be on any business-related topic.
Provide documentation of personal community service involvement of no less than 20 hours over the previous two years. Community service is unpaid work - volunteering your services to an organization or event. It's an act of kindness that allows you to pass it forward. Some examples of this include
  • Volunteering at your local school or sports program
  • Doing unpaid concierge work to benefit someone
  • Assisting ICLMA with membership drives and other tasks. If you would like to volunteer to help our organization, just email Mindy.
  • Volunteering at other associations and charities
  • Volunteering at animal (and human) shelters
Obtain two letters of recommendation from paying clients.

An individual who attains the certification but subsequently fails to meet the stated criteria over a year shall have their certification suspended until the criteria has been met.

Fee is $125

Once the application has been approved, we will email you the official CCS logo and will add you to our list of Certified Concierge Specialists (click here to see the listing). You can then add the CCS designation to your name.

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