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I thoroughly enjoyed your "Fee Setting" Webinar, even as a Triangle International Master's Academy Graduate, I make certain to follow up with my continuing education. There is always something new and innovative in the industry and keeping in the loop with you is paramount to new idea's and creating a competitive edge. What I already knew, I looked at with fresh eyes and it motivated me to reinforce a current plan of action. I especially love that these events are offered at such a value based price so doing them is without question part of my business plan.  I look forward to honing my craft with all the education I can find and with your Webinars it makes my search rewarding and complete. Thank you ~

Jody Yetti, Jody's Travel & Concierge

Upcoming events

    • 24 Apr 2014
    • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
    • Eastern

    Growing Your Business, Marketing to Realtors and HOA's

    A Webinar with

    Leslie Spoor, CCS

    (ALL proceeds from this webinar go directly to ICLMA)

    For registration questions, please contact Mindy Oliver at admin@iclma.org.

    This webinar uses the software GoToMeeting. We'll email you a link to a website where you'll listen to the presentation while watching a PowerPoint presentation.

    The webinar will be recorded and available to registered attendees ONLY.

    If you can't attend, purchase the webinar anyways so that we can send you the recording.

    When you register, Mindy will email you the link where you will receive the login information. Please make sure that when you call, you type in that 2 digit audio code into your phone. Otherwise, we won't be able to hear you and you won't be able to participate live. 

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Past events

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