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If you are looking to start a concierge business without spending any money, or you are a college student writing a paper, or you are gathering information to write a business plan, below are some resources that are free that should help.

However, please remember that you need to invest your time, resources and money to start a business. Plus, to get information takes other people’s time.  An investment in your future business will not only make you want to succeed, but it will drive you to succeed. So if you try and start your business without spending any money, we've seen many people who have gotten back exactly what they put into it… no money and tons of stress from making mistakes. There are many people who can and will help you, including us, but remember they are working, and as you know time is extremely valuable these days.

That being said, we suggest that you do your research using the free resources below, or purchase a book on the industry to help you get started. You will also need liability insurance and contracts. You need to protect yourself … do it right the first time so you have no regrets later!

Even more important is this ...  no contracts, free or otherwise, that you find on the internet are designed to use and go. You MUST take it to your own lawyer prior to use to make sure that all your state/country laws are included in the contract!  Please please please don't use a contract without your lawyer reading it first.

Katharine Giovanni, ICLMA's Founder, has a very reasonably priced e-book that will get you started, as well as her acclaimed concierge courses ...

Good luck!




52 Ways Ways to Use a Concierge, by Katharine C. Giovanni, CCS - 52 Ways to use a Concierge

ABC’s Good Morning America
How to Work From Home, Check Out Five Ways to Make Money From Home, By Tory Johnson

(Katharine was instrumental in assisting Ms. Johnson in understanding the industry and finding concierge for her to interview.)


Huffington Post

The Help: Concierge Services Get Hyper-Personal, by Katie Bindley, Huffington Post

In Pictures, Seven Easy To Start Businesses by Maureen Farrell

How to be a Personal Concierge: Entrepreneur magazine, author unknown
Make every client feel like the most important person in the world with a personal concierge service.


Are You Overwhelmed Caring for Someone Else? Call Your Concierge. Assistance with home repairs, buying groceries


The Washington Post

When You Need Another You by Annie Gowen

LA Times

How To Find The Right Service For The Right Price by Julie M. Makinen

Calling In Extra Assistance by Beth Kwon

The Independent – London

Recruitment: Got a problem? Call a concierge… By Emma Jane Jones

How Stuff Works

How a Concierge Works by Stephanie Watson

How to Start a Concierge Business, Durst and Haaren

Employee Benefit Advisor
It’s all in the delivery, by Bruce Shutan

The Real Cost of Overtime Is Higher Than You Think, by Jennifer Leigh Parker -

8 Holiday Time-Savers -Shop When Others Don’t -

Hospitality: Where everything is possible By Zack Brophy

Here are some great places for more FREE info!



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