Association Partners

Our Association Partners have all been reviewed and approved by ICLMA. We do hope you will take some time to visit their websites!  If you would like to become an ICLMA Partner, then please click here

All partners are listed in alphabetical order.

Platinum Partners

Why start from scratch when you can hit the ground running? The Concierge Business Solutions system gives you the keys to success – what you do with them is up to you! All the functionality and the documentation are proven, used in real world applications and are included with this system to help you launch or enhance your business.


Triangle International is the world’s leading concierge training and consulting company. Since opening it’s doors in the fall of 1998, Triangle has become the proven leader in providing concierge and hospitality consulting services to companies of all sizes in every U.S. state and over 45 countries.

Visit Triangle for online certificate programs, books, contracts and more!

(Triangle International is run by ICLMA's Founder Katharine Giovanni)

To read more about her, you can visit

Trinity Taverna

Trinity Modern Greek Taverna
Trinity Modern Greek Taverna is a destination restaurant on the beach.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


(Platinum partners receive a complimentary podcast.

Listen to Concierge Business Solutions to see how yours can sound!)

Gold Partners / iTraveler, LLC. and/or

Cruise and Tour Experts (a no fee service)assists the Concierge Industry with speedy and reliable travel services. When your client has a request for air, hotels, vacation packages, sports and special events tickets or any other travel need, we will make the reservation on your behalf.



The International Association of Villa Rental Agents

Finally, a one-stop solution for the international villa rental industry. 

IAVRA (International Association of Villa Rental Agents) is a subscription based online database of villas, chalets and apartments for rent around the world. It is a Business to Business platform that connects international Client Agents (travel agents and concierge services) to Villa Agents. IAVRA makes the process of searching, selecting and renting holiday properties efficient and standardised.


OC Limousines Pty Ltd

Partners advertise on our website and at the annual conference. ICLMA receives a commission from a few Partners on business generated by ICLMA members. The commissions are used to help support our member programs, allow us to keep membership dues low, and help us make the conference more affordable.

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